About Cake 'n' Flake, Home Made Cakes in Chittarikkal

Deepa John, the Founder of Cake N Flake, was a happy home-maker. One day, while searching for home-made cakes for her children, she couldn't find any. This was a moment of realisation for her, and at the same time, the inception of Cake N Flake.

We offer cakes for various occasions, decorated the way you want it.

Customized celebration cakes for all occasions, Pastry cakes, Pound cakes, Cup cakes, Tarts, Healthy (low calorie) cakes, etc 

My aim is to provide wholesome, high quality, homemade cakes with the finest ingredients, to my customers. All my cakes are baked ONLY after my client has confirmed his order.

 We do not follow 'large scale production'. So, kindly place your orders well in advance. The price of Designer cakes depends upon the amount of material & time spent on creating each sugar element.

Cake N Flake
Mob : +91 94968 59896



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